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Today's mandatory EDI requirements from retailers can be demanding and confusing. EDI Direct® helps make your EDI operations run smoothly and rapidly by allowing you to communicate with virtually any type of trading partner, anywhere in the world with speed, data integrity and security.

EDI Mapping Service

EDI Direct® translates documents into and from a standard format that allows information to be readily exchanged. This "Transaction Mapping" allows us to translate each element of the original document into the standards and requirements of your trading partners. We work with you and your trading partners through setup, testing and live production to ensure that all needs and requirements are met.

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Customer Support & Services

Innovative Systems supports you throughout the entire transaction process to ensure a successful outcome. We will help arrange an account for you on a Value Added Network (VAN) and assist in the development of your Transaction Data Files (TDF). EDI Direct® will also create files of all transactions that can then be integrated into your software application. EDI Direct® provides email notifications of all transactions sent, received and acknowledged. We follow-up on any unacknowledged documents and assist with any EDI-related chargebacks. EDI Direct® is a complete resource dedicated to maximizing the communications between you and your trading partners. And Innovative Systems is proud to provide the finest service and support to the apparel industry.

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